The Lively Hotel Experience

At Hotel City Heart, we have set the stage and created a fresh and exciting environment and infused with character. We welcome you with a big welcoming smile and an inquisitive excitement to see how we can turn your stay into an opportunity not merely to explore but to become the part of the surroundings.

The features of hotel are- indigenous designs, sounds and tastes of its surrounding area and offering full-range of accommodations in lively atmosphere in finest rooms, stylish suites with many flattering services at substantial savings. We are offering the perfect break for the whole family in the heart of Punjab.

Here, we are providing friendly and accommodating spaces that invite you to move flawlessly from one fresh experience to the next! Starting an email from your room and finish it the lounge. You would get here the world without walls. Sharing the ideas, memorable moments and awesome experiences with us. Our elite staff is welcoming you all in our realm. From space to cuisine to artwork and events bring an intimate and authentic feeling that you are in a place quite unlike anywhere else across the world!

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Enjoy the ultimate weekend at Hotel City Heart. Exist in sumptuous accommodation with Indian breakfast. High ceilings with awesome furnishings and natural touch of friendly atmosphere. We are offering genuine luxury and an experience that you will never forget.

Special Offers Guests will immediately sense the cleanliness and natural touch of friendly atmosphere upon arriving at the Hotel Hotel City Heart. A fine blend of modern Balinese ambience with furniture and western room facilities, each room is meticulously clean and well maintained.

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